You can take hot selfies at one of these places in London

London is a hot destination among travellers and many people travel to this city for their vacation. Also, when they travel to London, then they take so many selfiest also to share it on their social media account. AS a matter of fact a recent study proved that London is one of the most popular destinations for selfies and many people consider it as the selfies capital around the world. But if we talk about the hot locations of London where people love to take their selfies, then here is a short list for those locations.

Big Ben: This is the most popular and hot destination for selfies around the world. All those people that travel to London feel Big ben can be a really hot spot for their selfies. And this opinion comes out to be true because when they click their own pictures having Big Ben as the backdrop, then they get astounding results with it.

London Eye: This is another hot location in London for all the selfies Lover. The specific thing about this place is that hot selfiepeople not only love to have a sheltie keeping London eye in the backdrop, but they love to take a picture from its top as well. When they click a self-photo from top of this giant ride, then they get really fascinating view that can mesmerize any individual.

Tower Bridge: Possibly this is the most popular and iconic bridge in the entire world and that is why people love to take hot selfies on this bridge. This is a great destination for photos because it bring the history, science and culture at one spot. You can call this destination as the melting pot of history, culture, science and beauty with nature. So, you can understand why this is a hot destination for all the selfies lovers and I am sure if you will visit this place, then you will also wish to take your photo having tower bridge in the background of your photos.

Buckingham palace: This is official residence of queen and many people love to visit this palace on yearly basis. This is not only a hot tourist destination, but it is equally popular for slefies as well. The most notable thing about this

destination is that you can get a lot of views in the background of your photo at this destination and that is what makes it a great destination. So, if we talk about some of the most popular destinations for slefies in London, then Buckingham palace is also one of them.

Other than this, many people love to click their self-photos having double decker buss in the background. The red telephone booth is another hot spot that attract many selfie lovers. So, if you are travelling London and you also want to take some selfies having a hot and attractive place or object in the background, then you can try the options that I shared above and I am sure you will get fantastic result with that.

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