Selfie Mania

Selfie is one of those few words that are common among many people in the world. Thanks to various social networking websites and advancement of smartphone, this craze is continuously growing around the world. I have nothing against a selfie, but I also believe that many people are there that developed an obsession for this and they behave very strange for this hobby. Because of this change in behavior many experts also believe that people from entire world are developing a selfie mania and after some time most of them find it impossible to control their mania in easy ways.

Here, you might be wondering why I would call it selfie mania, when so many other people are there that click and share their photos on web on regular manner. As I said above also, I have nothing against taking your own picture, nor I have any problem if you share that with the world using social networking website. But, many time this habit hurt others as well and some time can leave negative effect those also that do not have any interest for taking their self-pictures.

If you will notice all these pictures carefully, then you will notice that so many people suffering from selfie mania would never miss a chance to take their photos with various backdrops. In this process all those that are suffering from selfie mania do not mind taking a picture in the funeral or in the front of a deadly accident. In a civilized world

you cannot call it a good thing and only a heartless person would do this kind of things in our world. Similar to this, some people also have a tendency of insulting others by various means and most of the time they take the help of their selfie mania for this requirement.

These people insult others with their action and they click their own photos while insulting other person, some other religion or others belief. Many people also wish to get an attraction from the entire world and that is one more thing where selfie mania help them. Under the influence of this mania or crazy behavior, many people click their selfie in various strange ways as I said above and then they share those photos with the world. Sometime these kind of strange photos help them get popularity, but many other time it result as a big complication for entire world.

Because of this selfie mania, some people also try to take their photos at risky places and it cause serious problems to others. For example, if you will try to take selfie while driving, then you will lose your attention from road and this lack of attention can lead you to an accident. In that accident, not only you, but many others may also get the injury and that is not a good thing at all. So, now you can understand why I say it is a mania and if we will do nothing against this habit then it can surely leave so many negative effects on the world.

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