Pros And Cons of Selfie Culture

Today’s generation is ready to accept in new tech stuff that comes their way and if you are reading this, you are absolutely one of them. Now you are holding onto your smartphone start wondering what it could be. If you take a walk in London especially in public places, you will never miss to find persons taking selfie. Now you are about to feel guilty because you are also one of those selfie mania among your friends. Taking pictures oneself by yourself has two young women taking selfie with mobile phonebeen the new modern way of expressing those catchy moments with your pals. It is not a new thing to find guys who have been addicted to taking a selfie and there have been many instances where many of them have been injured in the process. You could be a selfie mania or not in London and it is good if you know about the good and bad of taking a selfie. If you are a selfie mania then it is wise if you inform your London friends that it is a good thing to do but we must not overdo it. Personally, I live in London and take a selfie everyday and would like to teach you all about it without any lies.

One of the greatest benefits a mania can enjoy from this style of taking a photo is that the need for a photographer is eliminated. Photographers have been charging expensive rates and people opted to hire quacks or friends who are not a mania. By being a mania of taking photos by yourself is that you will never have to pay any buck to capture great moments in pictures. Another benefit is that you can choose who to future and who not to. In parties, you can come across friends whom you don’t want to future in a certain photo but since the audience is big, they can sneak in. You can’t force them out because that will be outrageous and unkind. By taking this type of photo, you can call around all those you want to future and that is all.

London mania in taking this kind of photo may also need to learn about its bad sides. One such sad tell is where countable number of people has lost their lives trying to shoot a photo by themselves. How can you stand in the top

of a building yet you are not a mania and take the photo while standing at the edge? This is an example of an instance where a person tripped of from the building trying to take that lightest but weird moments. People too have been affected mentally because of taking too much selfies. With time it can corrupt your mind up to a point whereby if you haven’t taken it, you feel stressed up. How can a normal person who can control his/her mind let such a craze compromise your life?

For those living in London they should tell their friends about the above to keep them safe. London is a beautiful place where we don’t want such things to ruin us. Enjoying do it but don’t overdo.

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