Places where you should never take a selfie

If you will check the selfies available on various social networking website, then you can find so many creepy and strange selfies at weird places. If you are also a selfie obsess person and you love to take a selfie at strange places, then I can’t ask you to change your habit. But I would strongly recommend you not take a selfie at one of those strange places that can hurt others. Here, I am sharing some details about those places where you should never take a selfie in any condition.

In a funeral: You might have a great attraction for strange places, but if you will take a selfie in a funeral, then that will look more creepy and emotional less. In that condition no one will consider it a good picture. Instead of that, they will call you a heartless person and in many ways they will not be wrong about it. So, if you are going to a funeral, then make sure you do not take a self-photo there in any condition. You need to follow the same rule when you see some accident or anything that is not good.

While driving: Some people love to take a selfie while driving their car. If you are clicking that photo before you put your car in gear, then it is ok to take that photo. If you see some nice spot while driving your car and you pull over so you can get your selfie having thos strange places in the backdrop of photo, then also it is ok for you. But if you will

try to take a photo while driving your car, then that will be one of the stupid things from you. In that case, you will have higher chances of meeting an accident and people might get tempted to take a self-photo next to your wrecked car.

With homeless person: If you are helping homeless people and if that is one of those things that you do on regular manner, then you can certainly take a selfie with them to encourage other. Also, if you wish to encourage others for helping homeless people and if you wish to help them get some places for living, then I would not say it a strange thing. But if you will make some strange face having homeless people in the background, then I would not recommend that. In that case, your selfie will be termed as an insult for all those people that do not have places for living. Also, it will show your insensitive nature and that will not feel good in any condition.

Just like these strange places, so many other palces or strange situations are also there that are not good for a selfie. That is why it is a good idea that you never upload your self-picture from one of the above mentioned places. Also, if you take some strange picture and you are not sure about it, then make sure you talk to some other people and you share it only if that photo is good for all.

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