Wise people said a picture can express your feelings or experience in the best possible manner. May be that is one of the biggest reasons because of which people love to share their selfie on web. But if you want to have the best experience with your selfie, then you need to follow some specific tips for that. Here, I am sharing some tips and suggestions that can help you get the best experience with your selfie in easy manner

Have a nice location: If you will have a non-attractive backdrop while taking a selfie, then you will never get a good photo with that. That means if you are willing to get the best experience with your photo clicking, then it is a good selfie experienceidea that you get a good back drop for that. If you are a nice location then having that location as your photo background can be the best thing and it can help you have better selfie experience. If you wish to pay more attention on yourself in your self photo, then having a clean backdrop would be the best thing for you.

Get a selfie stick: Sometime having a wide angle selfie would be a nice thing for you and you can get that experience with the help of a dedicated stick for that. Using a stick for this kind of photo, you can simple extend the distance of your camera lens from your face and it will help you capture the photo with background in a wide view. That means you will be able to the get the best experience or outcome in your photo with the help of a stick. Hence, getting this stick can be another good thing for this particular requirement.

Get a good quality camera: If you have a sluggish camera, then you cannot get the best photos with it. Same rule is applicable while taking a selfie and you need to have a good camera for this. Good thing about this issue is that almost all the advance and mid-range phones available in the market comes with really good front camera. So, you will not have any problem in this particular experince.

Pay attention on looks: If you are not looking good, then there is no way to have sexy or good look in your photos. That is why it is extremely important that when you take a selfie, then you pay attention on your looks and you click

a photo only if you are looking good. This simple trick can actually help you get the best experience in this particular subject in the simplest possible manner.

Have better lighting: Proper lighting is another important factor that you need to remember while taking your selfie. If you don’t have proper lighting, then you will never get a good photo and same rule is applicable for selfie also. If your light source is on the back of your camera, then that would be the best thing for you. Also, if you have any reflective surface on your back then that will reduce your experience. So, try not to have a photos keeping a glass, water or similar reflective surface on your back.

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